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Deep Roots Meat, LLC wins Grazing Award

The Florida Lands Coalition (FGLC) and the Society for Range Management (SRM)
are pleased to announce Deep Roots Meat, LLC., as the recipient of the third annual Grazing Lands Stewardship Award. This award was received by Deep Roots Meat, LLC. on October 20, 2011 and it recognizes outstanding contributions to the Ranching community in the areas of grazing and wildlife management.
Deep Roots Meat, LLC, is a family owned and operated agricultural business located in Greenville and Madison, Florida.  This North Florida ranch raised Angus cattle for six generations. Harold and Troy Platt are the present managers of this diverse operation.
They currently have 3800+ acres on the Greenville property, while the Madison property is 380 acres with 160 acres is being used as a hay field. Cattle graze on several forages including: peas, millet, sudan grass, rye and oats. The Platts not only run grass fed cattle, but are now in the process of raising natural chickens.
Deep Roots Meat, LLC has won several other awards for their environmental conservation and ingenuity including, The County Alliance for Responsible Stewardship (CARES) Award for Outstanding Environmental Stewardship. Troy Platt also spoke at the 4th National Conference on Grazing Lands in Reno, Nevada in 2009. They look forward to the future challenges and rewards associated with agricultural life in Florida.

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