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Specializing in All Grass (Forage) Fed Nutrient Dense Angus Beef
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Half or Whole Steer Freezer Beef Information

Setting up harvest dates now!
Don’t miss this opportunity to fill your freezer with custom harvest freezer beef of a half or a whole steer from our all grass (forage) fed nutrient dense Angus beef cattle that are bred, born and raised on our ranch from our cattle that are not purchased from other farms.  This allows us to have control of our whole beef operation from conception to your dinner plate!

We are not putting pieces and parts from different cattle together and selling it to you like many other farms do, but rather we do sell you the entire half from front to back or the entire whole steer, allowing you to have it cut up the way you prefer.

Here are a few more important items about ordering a half or whole steer from our family ranch:

The harvest date is the day we take the cattle to the processor. The meat will then hang for 10-14 days in a refrigerated cooler, allowing you time to contact the processor, your meat is then is cut up, vacuum sealed, frozen and ready for pickup in a few days. Remember, you get to talk to the processor and tell him exactly how you would like your meat cut up, what cuts you want and what cuts you do not want.
We are excited that we are not experiencing long wait times for 1/2 and whole cattle as in the past. 

Email us at [email protected] or call us at 850-973-9915 for complete pricing information and/or if you have questions. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to fill your freezer with cuts of healthy, 
nutrient dense, tasty beef, directly from our Ranch to you!
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