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In Memory of Harold "Hotshot" Platt 
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Harold "Hotshot" Platt was born in Melbourne, Florida on December 19, 1946. He was a cattleman all his life, living in Palm Bay, Florida where he raised his family. In 2004, he and his family: wife, Cheri, children Troy and Tricia and his grandsons Levi, Tyler, Wyatt and Tanner moved to Madison, Florida , where he continued to raise cattle.
He and his son, Troy won multiple awards at the Southeastern Hay Contest. This led them to develop all grass forage fed beef, making beef a Healthy food. They then founded the family business Deep Roots Meat.
The family was honored in 2011 by receiving the 
Florida Grazing Lands Stewardship Award.

Hotshot passed away on August 31, 2013, in Gainesville, Florida. On his family headstone it is inscribed:

"God made a Rancher of Deep Roots with the strength to throw a calf and the gentleness to love and encourage God's gifts, from the sounds of dogs running a deer, to the beauty of the sun setting on grazing cattle." 

He would be Very Proud to know that his family has carried on where he left off, including being a part of the annual farm tour.